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Application procedures for visiting the Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau
1.The type of the delegation:
  • Domestic and foreign academics (senior high school or above), business, government, public institutions.
2.Application procedure:
  1. Please telephone the park receptionists: Mr. Zheng-You Chen: 04-25658588 (ext 1120) Ms.Ssu-Chi Sung : 04-25658588(ext 1119) Mr. Zong-Hao Wu: 04-25658588 (ext 1122) of the Investment Division of the Bureau.
  2. Please prepare your name and number, explain the type of delegation, visiting purpose(s), the number of visitors (maximum of 250 people) and so on.
  3. If your visit is accepted, please fax the relevant documents and attach the information of the point (2) to us (fax to 04-25658800.)
3.Relevant notice of the visitors from mainland China.
CTSP will not accept the visit if the visitor groups are for sightseeing purpose.
Update : 2021/8/5