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Future Prospects

Having written another page in history with excellent performance in revenue, employment, and manufacturer occupancy in 2019, CTSP looks to the future and still has to complete the following tasks.

(1)Promoting Taichung Science Park Expansion Development Plan:In 2015, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) approved an expansion of 53 hectares in Taichung Park. Thanks to this, TSMC locates its 10nm node fabrication processes here thus safeguarding Taiwan's leading position in the semiconductor industry. Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd is also going to establish its global headquarters in this area. In 2016, the first phase of public construction of the Taichung Park Expansion Project was completed, which provides the well-established infrastructures and foundation to facilitate tenant companies to develop their technology and business.

(2)Science parks represent one of the driving forces behind industry upgrading and transformation and economic growth in a country. Faced with challenges of a constantly changing high tech industry, the park is always trying to inject creative momentum. The CTSP Bureau will work with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, academia-industry cooperative research, and training programs. Efforts will continue to be devoted to improving quality of the parks, supporting startups, helping manufacturers invest in R&D and innovation, facilitating academia-industry cooperative programs, and ensure effective product realization of R&D results so that the parks shift from efficiency-oriented to being innovation- oriented and facilitate transformation and upgrade of domestic industries.

(3)Efforts will be made to accelerate the second stage of environmental impact assessments for Phase 3 and Phase 4 of CTSP development and the corresponding review processes in order to make the space available to manufacturers.

Update : 2021/8/5