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CTSP Bureau Organizational Diagram
CTSP Bureau Organizational Diagram
Planning Division
Planning and implementation of CTSP main development goals, strategies, and important projects as well as drafting the annual plan and undertaking its subsequent control and evaluation.
Investment Division
Responsible for the inward investment, international cooperation, industry-academia collaborative research & development, talent training as well as the investment promotion.
Environment and Labor Affair Division
Responsible for the planning and management of affairs related to labor administration, labor inspection, safety protection, and environmental protection.
Business Division
Responsible for business registration and management, deliberation and connection for foreign exchange trade, bonded trade management, as well as information management service.
Construction Management Division
Responsible for public construction and building planning, design, implementation and supervision, as well as the inspection, maintenance and repair of public facilities and public buildings, etc.
Land Development Division
Responsible for the formulation, revision, and implementation of urban planning projects; building management affairs, the formulation of Park land use plans; transportation planning and management; land and building lease; the formulation of public property management regulations, etc.
General Affairs Division
Responsible for the Advanced Research Park public affairs management. Secretariat Office
Responsible for arranging executive councils, sending and receiving official documents, seal and archives management, general affairs, purchasing, cashier's affairs, asset management, vehicle management, and maintenance staff management.
Personnel Office
Responsible for organization establishment, appointments, removals and transfers, rewards and punishments for performance, training and studies, salaries and welfare, and retirement and pension matters.
Accounting and Statistics Office
Responsible for budget, accounting and the preparation of statistics.
Civil service ethics Office
Responsible for civil service ethics affairs.
Update : 2024/1/8