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Future Prospects

CTSP is the latest science park in Taiwan which has a competitive elasticity in terms of its development. It has become a core and leading forerunner of the high-tech development in Central Taiwan since its establishment in 2003. Looking upon the future economic demands, CTSP strengthens the technology and constantly introduces promising novel industries such as the new energy industry, which leverages national resources on the science park development roadmap. Furthermore, it fosters companies to put efforts in R&D with the goals of cultivating innovation driven, environment protective, locally friendly, and internationally oriented to face the future challenges. The next step of CTSP will be promoting innovative start-ups with our join hands. We expect to build CTSP into the most competitive science park in the world through the following goals we set:

Encouraging High-tech companies to make a breakthrough:

(1)Increasing the overall industry depth through developing relevant raw materials of the industries by the existing component manufacturers.

(2)Strengthening the R&D and innovation through assisting the integrated academia-industry cooperation.

(3)Introducing high value-added industry to foster innovative R&D.

(4)Enhancing the cross-countries science park cooperation.

(5)Be proactive in recruiting international talents and cultivate quality human resources.

Construct the quality environment for sustainability of investment:

(1)Arrange the green science park and cultural space.

(2)Providing quality environment with convenient living functionality.

(3)Creating efficient and human-based operating system.

Leveraging the clustering effect:

(1)Combining regional resources and surrounding industries to strengthen CTSP featured industrial cluster and increase the competitiveness of CTSP.

Constructing the FITI base:

(1)Complying with the From IP to IPO Program (FITI Program) promoted by National Science and Technology Council, CTSP will provide start-up teams with aids through the perks and resources of Central Taiwan, which are precision machinery and optoelectronics industries.

(2)Integrating the resources of the approved incubators to supports start-ups in the region, so to combine industries, academia, and research institute and create the sustainable efficacy, and turn CTSP into an industrial innovation corridor of Central Taiwan.

Update : 2024/1/8