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Announcement on behalf of Feng Chia University: Free SCOPAB five-part lecture series presented by FCU EMBA Academic Development Foundation: The Chasm between Technological Innovations and Market Value
Type : Bulletin Board
Post : Investment Section
Date : 2011/01/27
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Well-known expert in business administration, Professor Paul S. C. Hsu, has been invited to present a talk entitled “Are Technological Innovations the Same as Market Value?” at the “SCOPAB comprehensive five-part lecture series: The Chasm between Technological Innovations and Market Value” on Friday, Feb. 25, 2011. Professor Hsu will share success stories in global brand innovation with the audience and give credence to the idea that the very purpose of great products in technology is to make things easier for users and that “simplicity is power”. All are welcome to attend the event!
For more information on the lecture series, please visit Feng Chia University’s Extended Education website.
You may register for the lecture series using one of the methods below:
Over the Internet:
By telephone: Miss Niang, FCU College of Continuing Education (04-24517250 Ext. 6067)
Review of Results :